Press 1 to GFY

If you regularly call the same department at a company that uses an automated assistant menu (press 1 for sales, press 2 for tech support, etc), try this trick on Android and iPhone.

Dial the number and then a comma for each extension. For example the following takes you straight to the domain name tech support department at Network Solutions:


So +15707088788 is the international customer service number, 4 is the first menu option (tech support) and 2 is the next menu option (domain names).

ht psimyn

Dumb Laws Part 1: Electric Scooters in Victoria

The VicRoads page on scooters and wheeled recreational devices states:

If your motorised scooter:

  • is powered by a petrol motor
  • has an electric motor with a maximum power greater than 200 watts
  • has a maximum speed greater than 10 km/h

then it cannot be legally used on a road or any road related areas, including footpaths, share paths and public areas. The fine for an illegal device is $826. Other penalties may also apply.

All of the most popular models are capable of going well beyond that speed. As should any transportation device not intended for toddlers. For example the Segway Ninebot E25 and Xiaomi Mi 1S each list top speeds of 25 km/h.

The law is rarely enforced but why give police yet another excuse to discriminate?