Just use the damn defaults!

People have a tendency to mess around with default settings before having any users. It wastes time and usually means slower, less secure sites. If you’re using WordPress, use the default theme. Upload your logo and the content for your about, contact, product, etc pages. You might surprised how good it looks.┬áJust launch. If your […]

DuckDuckGo should rebrand as Duck

DuckDuckGo it doesn’t roll off the tongue like Google it. Duck it? My mum might do that. Google actually gave DuckDuckGo the domain duck.com in 2018. Assuming that there wasn’t a clause in that agreement and there aren’t other trademark issues, DuckDuckGo should use the domain and rebrand as Duck. It would be easy for […]

Bloggin’ aint easy

Penn Jillette claims to have missed less than five days of journaling in 34 years. Likewise many bloggers have machine like output and ridiculous streaks. Part of me respects their consistency but another part can’t help but think, NERD! I’m happy with sporadic posts as long as the overall body of work is good.