Bloggin’ aint easy

I said this in TIL 1 and I’ve wanted it as a hoodie for a while. Bloggin’ aint easy. Maybe that’s our business model going forward. Quality blogging and quality hoodies. Disruption. Someone tell @PaulG

A while ago I listened to Penn Jillette on Tim Ferriss’ podcast and he claims to have missed less than five days of journaling in 34 years. Likewise many bloggers have ridiculous streaks and machine like output. It’s cool for them but I’m happy with keeping my posts sporadic as long as I feel the overall body of work is good. While the best part of me respects these peoples’ consistency, a small part of me can’t help but yell NERD! You’ll never lock me down baby. I ain’t writing my homework in my diary teech.

I thought I would stop doing TILs because Twitter. Now I’m not so sure. The simplicity of Twitter is great but the one size fits all design is not the best for every type of content. Plus I came back and read the first four TILs and it’s good to have them on What if Tik Tok acquires Twitter and integrates it all into the core product? International leaders will govern by interpretive dance and our text content will be lost.

Anyway… The main purpose of this post was to start search optimising for “bloggin’ aint easy” for when the hoodies drop. Even still, writing this nonsense has given me a certain sense of satisfaction so while blogging is indeed not easy, you should try it. And then buy a hoodie.