Just use the damn defaults!

I have been making websites for myself and others for 10+ years now. If there is one thing that I have learned it is that you can waste a lot of time messing with the default settings. People, myself included, fuck around with themes, layout and minor details without having any users. It wastes time and makes sites slower and less secure.

If you’re using WordPress, use the default theme. Upload your logo and all of the content for your about, contact, services, etc pages. You might surprised how good it looks. Most themes look good with content. Sure there might be things. We’re currently using the default Twenty Nineteen theme. Rather than removing the title of the homepage with code I just removed it from the page in wp admin. Quick and dirty wins the race.

Just launch. Your product will sell if it is good enough. If it doesn’t, it probably isn’t because of your fonts. Solve your biggest problems and then worry about the shade of your business card.

Update: Case in point; less than an hour after posting this I decided to make the blog our homepage. If I had made the code change it would have been in vain.